Windows 10 ISO Direct Download

Windows 10 ISO Direct Download Link 1809, 1803 2019

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Windows 10 is an operating system which is released by a Mega tech company. After Windows 8.1, Windows 10 is the next generation. It is not like the previous generation which showed radical changes, the features that can be found in this generation resemble more of classic Microsoft OS, as a start menu. This operating System has become the most used OS developed by the company Microsoft. It is said that the OS is installed in more than 700 million electronic devices. The users are individuals and companies across the globe. If you also want to install this operating system, it will good to learn about Windows 10 ISO direct download 2019.

Windows 10 ISO Direct Download 2019

ISO is an archive containing data which can be found in a disc, like DVD or CD. Most often, the Operating System installer comes in a disc format. The ISO is a digital format of contents within that disc. As the format is exactly like the contents of a disc, in order to access this file it needs to be mounted. Few software works specifically for this task. Windows users are lucky, like Generation 8, this operating system is capable of mounting the ISO file.

Windows 10 ISO Direct Download 2019

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What Can You Get from Windows 10 ISO Download 2019?

Before we learn Windows 10 ISO Direct Download, it is important to see the features that come with this operating system. It is a system which receives continuous updates from the developer. Each update adds new features which are helpful for the users. Here are some of the features which make this system a highly used OS around the world.

1. Touchscreen System

The Touchscreen device has become an important part of everyone’s life. And this has happened because of the current trend that favors touchscreen technology. The Smartphones, PCs, and laptops have provided themselves with this technology.

Windows 10 supports this technology. The user can zoom in and out the screen by using the fingertips. You can also sign a document using the OS interface. The Touchscreen supports only works on a touchscreen device.

Windows 10 ISO Direct Download 2019

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2. Extensive Gaming Features

Whoever is interested in gaming will be excited to know that this generation window offers very extensive gaming features. For gaming, there is an audio control panel. During intense moments of gaming, it will annoy if updates are popping up.

The user is now capable of suppressing the updates during the game. And the system will also increase the efficiency of its device during gaming. If the game is heavy duty one, then it will not experience massive lagging.

3. Manageable and Faster User Interface

Once you get the steps of Windows 10 iSO direct download 2019, you will get an operating system with the interface that is easy to work with. The previous generation of Windows received criticism because it requires time for a new user to adapt to its system. This is the reason why it was not popular among users.

This generation gives throwbacks to the classic. Because of that, the user will no longer take a long time to navigate it for free.

4. Voice Instructions

Another best feature is found in this OS generation is speech recognition. This feature allows a computer user to control their device through voice command.

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