How to Verify PayPal without Credit Card

How to Verify PayPal without Credit Card 2020 Account Verified Easily

Most of people use PayPal for doing Payments. This Payment method offers a great feature which can’t be found on other platforms. If you are an online merchant or a consumer you will see this platform very helpful. When you are getting a PayPal account you will be asked to verify your account. Here in this article, we will teach you how to verify PayPal without a credit card. With this, it will be very easy for you.

How to Verify PayPal without Credit Card 2020

There are so many reasons why people don’t use credit card number to verify their PayPal accounts. Or they don’t have their own a credit card account. As some of the people are very careful about owning the credit card because of the risk of debt. Credit card debt is the most frequent debt which people have around the world.

It can lead to bankruptcy also if you are not careful with it. Another reason why people don’t want to use a credit card to verify accounts is that they don’t want to disclose their personal credit card information. Even though PayPal secures information but some of them are afraid.

How to Verify PayPal without Credit Card 2020

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How to Verify PayPal without Credit Card Information?

Credit Card account is believed to be an important component when you are dealing with an online transaction. This can be true in some cases, you don’t need to use it in all the transaction. Even after this you still need to have your own saving or checking account as it is important when you send or receive money through PayPal.

Check out some methods which you can try out if you don’t want to use credit card information for account verification.

1. Bank Account

You can use your bank account for verifying PayPal without credit card information. The consumer and merchant will go through different steps of verification as the types of accounts are different.

Check steps you need to follow if you own a small business:

  • First signup at PayPal from this
  • Now, select “Get Started” which is in a box “PayPal for Business and Nonprofits”.
  • Choose from the three plans. If you want free service, you should go to a standard box and select, Get Started or Apply Now.
  • Click two times on “Create New Account”
  • Choose the business type
  • Enter your email address and password
  • Pick two security questions and answer them.
  •  Enter the code written at the bottom and select “Enter Code”
  • Fill up business information like name, products, average transaction, etc
  • Then fill in the personal information like, Name, address, phone number
  • Now select Agree and Continue
  • Open your email and confirm your account
  • Sign In your account
  • Then Go To Profile and then click on Update Bank Account.
  • Enter your bank information
  • Select Continue.

How to Verify PayPal without Credit Card 2020

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Steps on how to verify PayPal without credit card instead

  • Visit webpage and Signup
  • Enter all necessary information
  • Access your email and confirm your PayPal account
  • Log in to your existing account
  • Go to “Wallet”
  • Choose “+Link a bank”
  • Choose your bank account type and click on “Agree and Link”

Before verifying the account, the company will review the information which you have entered. This process takes two to three days. Once your account is verified, you can use it for transactions, domestic, and also for overseas.

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