How to Use WhatsApp without Phone Number 2019

How to Use WhatsApp without Phone Number 2019

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WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app which is used by millions of people. It is the fastest growing messaging services. It gets updated with new features and makes online messaging easier and more engaging. This app is used by almost each and every people. Even elder ones used this app to get connected with their relatives and old friends. For creating a Whatsapp Account, you need to confirm your registered account by an OTP which you get from your phone number. So, what if you don’t have a phone number but want to use WhatsApp? Check out this article and How to use WhatsApp without Phone Number 2019 fake phone number app.

How to Use WhatsApp without Phone Number 2019

Phone number contains a piece of personal information. You need to register your identity card number if you want to get a phone number. In most of the countries, you can’t change the numbers easily, so most of them use their personal number on WhatsApp.

How to Use WhatsApp without Phone Number 2019

You don’t want an unknown person to get your contact number as they can use it against you. This may cause a problem for you and you can become a victim of spam messages or fraud.

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Some Options on How to Use WhatsApp without Phone Number

As we all know, we need a phone number to link WhatsApp to your phone. It is an important detail from the registration step. But if you don’t want to link your phone number to this app because of some reason then what can you do? There are a few ways to get rid of this problem. Check out the solution below which are some methods on how to use WhatsApp without phone number 2019 with a fake phone number app.

1.  Utilizing Your Landline

Yes, you can use your landline instead of your personal phone number. This method is good if you are using the messaging service for business. Your account will get connected to the business landline number.

What to do to use WhatsApp without Phone Number 2019

  • if you have this question in your mind that how can you use WhatsApp without a phone then check below detail
  • Open the Whatsapp on your Smartphone, tablet, or personal computer.
  • When it asks you to fill in the Phone number, select your region and then type your landline number.
  • Whatsapp will send you a verification message. Wait for five minuted till it fails to reach you via text message.
  • There comes a dialogue box which says, “Call Me”. Tap on it
  • You will get a call from the service which will give you a 6 digit OTP code.
  • Enter the OTP correctly on the bar
  • Next, follow the instruction to complete your registration.

That’s it! your Whatsapp account is created with your Landline number.

How to Use WhatsApp without Phone Number 2019

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2. Utilizing Free Texting Application

Using texting and calling apps is also a way for Whatsapp users. Most of these apps come for free. You will get a random and distinctive phone number when you use such apps. Those phone number can be used to register an account on Whatsapp and you can verify that account.

How to use WhatsApp without phone number 2019 if you are utilizing this kind of application?

How to use WhatsApp with fake phone number text

  • First, download the texting app on your phone. Make sure you use the app which is rated high
  • Install the app on your device.
  • Access the app and set up an account to get a unique phone number.
  • Note that number as you will need it to verify your Whatsapp account
  • Open Whatsapp on your smart phone or PC
  • Select your country and enter the number
  • Wait for five minutes until it fails to send the verification code
  • Then tap on “CALL ME”
  • Go to your texting app as Whatsapp will send you OTP
  • Get the OTP from the phone call and go back to Whatsapp
  • Enter the code
  • Follow the remaining step and get your Whatsapp account.

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