List of Millionaires Who Give Away Money To Individuals

List of Millionaires Who Give Away Money To Individuals 2019

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There are so many people who are gifted with a lot of wealth. And some of them are gifted with not only wealth but also with goodwill and desire to give it to other people. There are very few people who do this as giving it to poor and needy people. Well, they might not give so much in starting. But once they start they get encouraged to give more and more. So, if you are also one of them who needs help, then here we have a list of Millionaires Who Give Away Money to Individual 2019. Must check out if you get help from any.

List of Millionaires Who Give Away Money To Individuals 2019

Nowadays, there are so many rich people who become philanthropists who donate their wealth and assets, especially to social activities, education, and health. Check out the list of Millionaires who give away money in 2019.

Get to Know the List of Millionaires Who Give Away Money 2019

1. Warren Buffett

Warren Buffet donates $2.5 billion amount of money to make a give-away program. He uses 99% of his revenue to manage some of the acts of kindness for others.  He also joined a program which was created by Melinda and Bill Gates which is named as “The Giving Pledge”. Moreover, he supports the charity program by investing his company profit for 20% which is the same as donating $21.8 billion.

List of Millionaires Who Give Away Money To Individuals 2019

2. Chuck Feeney

Chuck Feeney is a businessman from America who reached his aim in financial angle. He supports many substantial aspects in the society like human rights, scientific studies, public health services, and educational field as he donates the money for approximately $8 billion in amount. His aim in his life is to support and fulfill the needs of others by using his money. He grows his career and stable financial with DFS group. The business was started in 1960, as a free airport shop. This business grew at a rapid speed and then gave Feeney lots of money. The favorite sentence of Chuck Feeney is “You can only wear one pair of pants at a time”.

List of Millionaires Who Give Away Money To Individuals 2019

3. Tim Cook

Tim Cook is 56 years old and has a great personality because he donates his money to many charities programs. And he says, he will continue to give away the money for all those who need it. His wealth has reached $120 million and with a huge amount, there are a lot of charity programs which can be funded.

Tim Cook has done such kind of good work in most of his life. He also takes part in some projects like social issues. He gave $1 million for a league about Anti-Defamation. Cook also helped the Sandy Hurricane victims by giving approximately $2.5 million to the RedCross Organization.

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4. Ted Turner$

You will just be amazed by Ted Turner’s great kindness as he spends half of his money to make donations.  Ted Turner comes number one in the list of a supporter of the conservation for wildlife and environment. He also donates money to the UN Foundation. He also spends wealth to support military music.

List of Millionaires Who Give Away Money 2019

The complete List of millionaires who give away Money 2019 noticed that those 5 millionaires above are the best individuals on the planet. Regularly they all have the convictions that by giving more they should get more and by getting more they should giving back additional. Hence, a huge number don’t delay to give away their cash for other people, who need it most.

A few millionaires have a high social intrigue. They need their life to be valuable for others before they are kicking the bucket. They make a gathering of tycoons and keep running on the philanthropy program. The greater part of them spends their riches right around half of the whole fortune they get.

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