IPhone Activation Lock Bypass

IPhone Activation Lock Bypass Jailbreak 2019 With Computer, Ipad

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In the smartphone market, Apple is the major manufacturer with a prominent gadget called the iPhone. From the time it was first released, people started to experience the apps which are upgraded each year based on its system. The iPhone uses an operating system called iOS as a proprietary platform and only available in the iPhone, even in iPad. If your device is locked, then you need to rely on iPhone activation lock bypass jailbreak 2019. This requires exceptional steps that might be illegal, but there is a legal ulterior motive for this purpose. Let us see iPhone activation Lock Bypass Jailbreak 2019.

iPhone Activation Lock Bypass Jailbreak 2019

How do you unlock activation lock in iPhone? The first thing is unlocking the means you can’t access through Apple ID. This can happen when you buy the used iPhone, but the previous owner doesn’t get rid of the setting. In this the special case, you find the iPhone and want to give back to the right owner. For another reason, you buy it from the dealer but want to remove everything. These are the main reasons why the unlocking activation lock is legitimate action.

IPhone Activation Lock Bypass Jailbreak 2019

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Steps To iPhone Activation Lock Bypass Jailbreak 2019 with Computer

Before we discuss it in detail iPhone activation lock bypass jailbreak 2019, you must know why Apple added this feature. Normally, it was a part of security and safety measure for users. In new iOS, iPhone users need an Apple ID to access everything.

Without this ID, you only see the lock screen which needs to be completed. Apart, this feature prevents stranger to restore your file. If your phone is stolen, as a legitimate owner, you can use Find My iPhone App to lock and erase everything. This happens as a preventive measure in order to get rid of intrusion.

The Activation lock is connected to iCloud as a Cloud Platform for all the Apple users. This is why the users send locking mode to their device. When you unlock, it means bypass iCloud unlocking code without Apple ID.

There are two ways to handle this matter through DNS and third-party service. The DNS is like a local IP in your device to access the Internet. Changing it to DNS means your iPhone will have a different IP, but the device is still the same. For those methods, the steps are given below.

1. Open Wi-Fi access

First, you need to do is to tap the iPhone screen and select the country. Make sure you choose the country where you live. Don’t forget to select the language. After that, go to Wifi access and setting. At the top left side, click on “I” icon to find more setting.

IPhone Activation Lock Bypass Jailbreak 2019

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2. Change DNS

After you click more setting button, you will find in the page for IP address. Go to the DNS section and input number based on where you live. You can try out some numbers as a preference. Select the right one. South America, Africa, and Pacific countries are examples of them.

USA and North America:




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