How to View Private Instagram Profiles without Following

How to View Private Instagram Profiles without Following 2019

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Instagram is one of the popular social media platforms. There are millions of users who make an account and use it as their media to share photos and videos. On this app, you get many kinds of information, news, tricks, tips, and much more. There are many new features available on the app. Some of the features are the privacy of users, here we discuss how to View Private Account Instagram Profile Picture.

This can be seen from features of privacy, so only accepted followers can see profiles and all media shared in the account. That’s the way many people start to look for access of how to view private Instagram profiles without following 2019.

How to View Private Instagram Profiles without Following 2019

You want to know about the accounts and the contents but they are not following you. It is not easy to view profiles and media private Instagram accounts, but there are few ways to do that. As there is a great technology, there is a shortcut or alternative way to open the locks. There are peoples who can easily hack the accounts.

How to View Private Instagram Profiles without Following 2019

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If you want to see profiles of a few accounts then there are some alternatives. Even if the accounts are locked you can still see it by using the following tricks. Check out the tricks and see the accounts which are private.

1. Fake account

The first option is to use a Fake account. But this still needs you to follow the account, but at least they will not know your real identity. By making a fake account it is easy to do. Many of them have used this way to see the locked and private account. It is good to keep your ID hidden and unknown, but still, the confirmation is need from the other account. It means there is no guarantee for you to open and see the profile. And you need another solution which is easy to see the private account.

2. Alternative tools

The first way is good to try, but there is no guarantee that you will see the profile. As the confirmation is still needed from the other account. Some of them may confirm your request and allows you to see the profile. But some of them won’t do it. In this type of case, you need some alternatives. There are always many different ways to do something and there is some other reference also. In this, you are not going to use fake account but still, you will get access.

How to View Private Instagram Profiles without Following 2019

2. Instaspy

Instaspy is an alternative to Instagram. This can provide you with a tool to see the protected account of Instagram. This works properly and the owner of the account will not know that you are seeing the profile. If you want to use this tool, you need to access the website. After that insert the URL of an Instagram account which you want to see. And in this case, you are able to choose what you want to see. This means, you can see the whole posts, or you only want to see photos or videos. You also have access to download the posts when you want to see those posts or images when you are offline. This is helpful to see private accounts.

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Other alternatives are:

  • WatchInsta
  • Instalooker

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