How To Use iMessage On Windows

How To Use iMessage On Windows 2019 Best Ways

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Apple is one of the most famous brands for Mobiles and PC. All the Apple devices are exclusive and the manufacturer is well-known for the great specifications of the device. Most of the PCs and computer from different brands have the Windows Operating System, but Apple does not have this. The company develops MacOS, and this can be used only by Apple. Even in mobile devices, Apple has iOS while most of the brand has Android as an Operating System. Not only Operating System but there are some apps which are developed by Apple and they are only available for Apple devices. One of the apps is iMessage which can be used in Apple devices only but we will tell you How to use iMessage on Windows.

How to Use iMessage on Windows 2019

iMessage is an app which is developed by Apple and most of them want to use it on Windows. As the app is interesting all the users want to get access to iMessage. iMessage works in both Apple mobiles and PCs, the users can send the message to MacOS PCs. This app is not just for sending texts, it also shares media like pictures, files, videos, etc. And this is why many Windows PC users want to get access to this app.

How To Use iMessage On Windows 2019!

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Ways of How to Use iMessage on Windows 2019

Let us try some ways by which you can use iMessage on Windows. You need to see all the instruction and follow them correctly. As it requires great attention to make sure that iMessage can be accessed on Windows. Check out a few ways:

1. Google Chrome

Yes, you can use Google Chrome to use iMessage on Windows. Chrome is a very popular internet browser and is used to access website and web pages.

  • First, you need to Download the Chrome browser on both the computers and install the app.
  • You need an extension called Chrome Remote Desktop Extension. Even this is needed on both PCs.
  • Once the extension is ready, you can install and launch the app.
  • In MacOS PC, the app must be installed and the app is Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer. This should be installed as it is needed to connect and sync both computers.
  • Now, find the location of the Host Installer file in the directory or the hard drive of MacOS. Click on Run to finish the installation
  • Follow the instruction and process. Mostly, you need the account and password of Mac PC so make sure you are the owner of the Mac PC who is fully aware of all passwords.
  • Then, run the Chrome Remote Desktop on a Mac computer. Once it runs, a code of 12 digits will come on the screen. Note the code as you will need it late for Windows PC.
  • Make sure you are the only one who knows the code.
  • Now, go to your Windows PC, run the Chrome Remote Desktop and enter the code
  • You will have access
  • Open the app drawer in Windows Pc and search iMessage
  • You are ready to use the app.

How To Use iMessage On Windows 2019!

2. Cydia

Using Cydia is quite complicated as compared to the Chrome Browser. Here you don’t need the Mac Computer. You just need iOS devices and your Windows PC or Laptop. However, you need to jailbreak the iOS device to get access when Cydia is running on a PC. It is risky to do the jailbreak.

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