How to Skip Ads on Hulu App 2019? Block Ads

How to Skip Ads on Hulu App 2019? Block Ads

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Do you love watching movies? Then you might be familiar with the Hulu App. Hulu App is a streaming platform which can be accessed from your browsers. This app has many kinds of videos, films, and TV Programs. It is a very popular app because there are different programs available on this platform. The library has lots of options to find.

But the problem is Hulu app has Ads and it disturbs a lot. This is the reason people look for the solution to How to skip ads on Hulu App. The Ads disturb you while watching and you can’t do anything about it.

How to Skip Ads on Hulu App 2019 (Block Hulu Ads)

Hulu app has Ads as they are needed to gain profit from this platform. So you can’t skip the Ads. But there are some access to block or skip the ads if you don’t want to get disturbed by the ads.

How to Skip Ads on Hulu App 2019?

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How to Skip Ads on Hulu App 2019 

If you can’t wait and watch the ads then you need some tricks which help you to skip the Ads. All these tricks can be helpful to solve the ads. However, there is no guarantee that these tricks will work well or not.

1. Update your subscription

In the beginning, you get access to free trials, in this, you can watch most of the programs for free in Hulu app. But once the free trial is done you can’t watch it free anymore. Even in free trials, there are some programs which you cannot access, and this is why you want to subscribe and pay to watch all the programs. However, even after subscription, you got free ads. If you don’t want ads then you need to upgrade your account or subscription.

Obviously, this needs you to pay more. This is the easiest way to be free from all the annoying ads.

How to Skip Ads on Hulu App 2019?

2. Use two tabs

It gets quite difficult to get rid of ads without updating your subscription as those are the source of income for the app. But if you want to remove it then you need an alternative income for Hulu. Use two tabs in a browser, though it is tricky it works.

  • Open Hulu app in your browser and select any program you want to watch.
  • Now again open the Hulu App in a different tab and select the same program which you choose in the first tab
  • In the second tab, mute the sound and try to fast forward until you are a few seconds before the ads.
  • As it is muted, it won’t give you any sound.
  • Now, go to the first tab and enjoy the program which you choose.
  • And when you get ads in the first tab, go to the second tab and unmute it.
  • By doing this there won’t be any disturbance

This trick is tricky and it needs patience and it also needs a good internet connection. So you are opening two tabs and those are streaming at the same time. If your internet is not good then you may not be able to watch properly after knowing How to Skip Ads on Hulu App.

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