How to Fix Screen Overlay Detected

How to Fix Screen Overlay Detected 2019 Error in Android

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Whenever you install an app you just install it and try to get access permission setting. But there comes an error which says that the screen overlay is detected. In this case, the screen might be frozen for a while to adjust an excessive setting. So, let us learn how to fix Screen Overlay Detected 2019? Just follow the few steps to solve this problem.

How to Fix Screen Overlay Detected 2019

Before you learn about how to fix screen overlay detected you need to know the cause of overlay. When two or more apps might access one set at the same time. Then the display overlay is permission to let the certain app create the icon, bubble, or notification directly on the screen, not from an alert board. An Android device gets every notification at the top bar. And in overlay mode, the app has the privilege to put the extended icon at the front side of the screen. When you click on it, it will direct you to the app function.

How to Fix Screen Overlay Detected 2019?

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Now, let us learn how to fix the screen overlay detected in 2019. Just follow the given steps and solve your problem.

Fix Screen Overlay Detected in Android

1. Overlay apps

The first thing you need to do is check which apps are in this situation. One common issue is the messenger app with floating access. You install the app related to real-time services, like weather, trading, or anything which sends information directly to your device. It has an overlay icon, small attached anywhere. Just move that icon without widget setting.

2. Permission setting

Mostly the issue occurs because of the permission setting. You want to enable permission for a particular app. The Pop-up window will appear to direct the setting directly. But the process is disabled because of the overlay setting.

Just go to settings and then select the app and get particular permission. For overlay app, choose Disable. And this process is available directly from the app only. Login to overlay app and go to setting mode, deactivate, disable, or turn off that part. Due to the different setting area, you need to explore more. In Android, the setting is the same in all the devices. The device with the older Android version might not have the overlay setting. So, in that case, you will see a small icon without giving permission.

Some of the devices do not have this setting, though the system is updated. For example, Old Xperia model is without Overlay permission. You need to disable it directly on the app.

How to Fix Screen Overlay Detected 2019?

3. Re-enable overlay mode

The next step is to re-enable again to the original setting. So keep in mind that this is not the reset process. In the previous step, you need to disable or deactivate overlay permission to let other apps handle their own task. Once everything is done, you need to put overlay permission in active mode. This is done for checking whether all the apps are in proper function or not.

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4. Restart the device

Another method to fix the overlay problem is Restarting the device. You can turn off your device and then start it again from the beginning. Do not reset to the original setting. That will delete any apps, data, and other files. Normally this is a temporary solution.

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