How to Create Multiple Gmail Accounts

How to Create Multiple Gmail Accounts 2019 Second Account

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Email helps you to communicate with people conducting their personal and professional affairs. With Email you can contact others directly, quickly, and cheaply. There are many providers who are offering this service. Gmail is one of them and it is the top email provider in the whole world. Here we will tell you how to create Multiple Gmail Accounts 2019.

How to Create Multiple Gmail Accounts 2019

Gmail is used by millions of people as Gmail is important on your Phone. On its usage, there are so many tutorials, including how to create multiple Gmail Accounts. If you have more than one Gmail account then it is beneficial for you. The Gmail service gives you 10GB storage space for your emails. This is so much space to store large files.

Through Gmail, you can send various types of files like multimedia ones, such as audio and light video files. Gmail has anti-virus and anti-malware software to protect your emails and data from a threat.

How to Create Second Gmail Account without Phone Verification through Several Platforms

Having more than one email gives you more space to be organized with your mess. You get some advantage of having more than one email. More email allows you to keep your email correct in a few ways. For example, one email can be used for business to request materials from suppliers or something. And another business email can be used when you are responding to your customers.

How to Create Multiple Gmail Accounts

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By having a different email address, you can keep your work separate and won’t fix it. So to avoid such things, learn how to create Multiple Gmail accounts.

1. The Conventional Way

The first way is to utilize the conventional method. It is an easy way to register a new email address. Follow the given steps to do it:

  • If your old ID is already Signed in then Sign out from that ID first. On the top right corner of the page, you can see LOGO.
  • Now, tap on Create an Account and make a new Gmail address
  • Fill in the information which is required
  • Enter the new username and password
  • Enter Captcha which is shown at the end of your form according to what is written
  • Click on the Box which shows you have agreed on terms of Service
  • Tap on Next
  • You can add Profile Picture by tapping on Add Profile photo or you can skip it
  • Click on Continue to Gmail

Again if you want to create a new account then Sign out from this account. OR Use different Chrome browser if you want to create a gmail account for free or second account.

2. Creating New Email Account Without Additional Phone Number

Gmail is the most secure email service. It allows the user to do some actions which protect their data. While creating Gmail it asks to add a phone number to give your precious data further if you want to know how many gmail accounts can i have with one phone number then we could say unlimited.

How to Create Multiple Gmail Accounts 2019

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how do I create a second Gmail account

Now, let us learn how to create a Gmail account without using Phone Number. Follow the given steps:

  • First, Log in to your Old Gmail which is verified with your phone number
  • After Login click on “My Account” button which is on the top right side of your webpage
  • Click on Menu, there you will see “Personal Info & Privacy”, you will find “Your personal info”.Tap on that link.
  • Click on the Edit option and you can remove the phone number which is used to verify your Gmail account
  • It will ask for confirmation, click on “Remove Button”
  • Once the number is erased, log out from your old email address and repeat steps to create Gmail account
  • You can repeat the same if you want to create more accounts.

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