How To Get iMessage On PC 2019 for Free

How To Get iMessage On PC 2019 for Free

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There are lots of devices which support lots of messages. Sending messages to anyone anywhere is not much difficult nowadays. There are different types of apps available from that people can send more than messages. You can also send audio, pictures, videos, and also files can be sent through messaging apps. Likewise, Apple has its own exclusive messaging service which is known as iMessage. This platform is only available for Apple devices.

How to get iMessage on PC 2019

Well, many of them want to know how to get iMessage on PC 2019. They also want access for the app even if they don’t have iOS and MacOS devices.

iMessage app is an interesting app and is like a unique messaging platform which can connect to the PC which is manufactured by Apple. It has a function like sending SMS, and it can also use Wifi connection or Internet data. This is very useful as normal people can only send messages from mobile to PC by just using email. But by using this app you will enjoy sending messages with appearance and interface of the common messaging app. This is the reason the users want to get access for the app even they do not have an Apple device.

How To Get iMessage On PC 2019!

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Steps to get iMessage on PC for Free

iMessage is no longer a platform of messaging for iOS and MacOS devices. Now, Windows devices can also access it. However, it is not that simple as you use iMessage in Apple devices since the manufacturer does not provide the app. As technology has developed, there are some alternative ways of using iMessage on PC.

1. Emulator

The first alternative way is Emulator. The emulator has become popular apps to use. By using Emulator tool, people can access various interfaces. For example, you can find many emulators for playing games which are dedicated to certain consoles. Even in the case of iMessage, the solution is the same. You just need to find Emulator which gives access to get iOS in the Windows PCs. While using the Emulator, your device can appear and become the interface iOS.

Follow the steps to use this tool and Get get iMessage on PC 2019 for Free

  • Download the app from the official site if possible, so you get the latest version of the Emulator.
  • Once it is downloaded install it.
  • After that open the Emulator and start to explore the interface.
  • Now, find the search bar to look for iMessage.
  • Now, download the file by clicking the Install button
  • After this process is done, the app is ready to use.
  • You need a good Internet connection to access.

How To Get iMessage On PC 2019!

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2. Chrome Remote Desktop

This is another solution for getting iMessage on PC. It may not be as simple as the emulator, but still, you can try it. As it is in the name itself, you need the Chrome Browser installed on your PC. Then you need to have a Mac computer or laptop. These two things are main as you need to get access from Mac computer to get permission to use the feature of iMessage. Follow the steps to use it:

  • Make sure you have iMessage in the Mac PC which you will use as this is not a default app, so the users need to install the app first.
  • Then download the Chrome browser on Windows and Mac.
  • Chrome browser should be there on both the devices
  • Then download the Specific extension called Chrome Remote Desktop. Even this must be downloaded on both PC.
  • Launch the Chrome and its extension to your Windows PC
  • In Mac, you need to have an additional app called Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer.
  • Once it is downloaded, you need to follow the instruction and install it.
  • You get a notification on your screen and it shows 12 digits of a number as a code to copy
  • You need this code when you connect and Synchronized both the PC.
  • When you open the app in Windows, you need to enter the code
  • Just enter that 12 digit code which we got.
  • Now, you can have access for iMessage
  • Just see the app in your app folder of Windows PC.

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