Best Games Like Life Is Strange

Best Games Like Life Is Strange 2019 for Android. IOS, Xbox

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All the game developers have the best way to attract all gamers. There are so many different types of games in a different category. And there are many popular games and it can be popular with its graphic visual, good plot, and the challenges. One of the great and popular game is “life is strange”. This game is very popular and it makes people crave for more. If you have already played this game then there are alternative to this game. There are the best games like life is strange 2019.

Best Games Like Life Is Strange 2019

Best Games Like Life Is Strange 2019

Life is a strange game is an adventure genre. Those who always play this type of genre will like this game. It is developed by Dontnod, this game grabs a lot of attention. There are five episodes in total and all of them have an an interesting story. As it is an adventure game, it is a mix of adventure graphic, drama, and also an action.

The main characters of the game are Max Caulfield and her friend, Chloe Price. You are presented by unexplainable events and some mysterious happenings. The game has dialogue mechanics, third-person perspective, quests, and challenging puzzles.

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List of the Best Games like Life Is Strange 2019

Most of the people have done with playing this game and want more. Part 2 of this game will release in 2019. Let us check out the best games like Life is Strange 2019.

1. A. Noire

The background of the game is the Historic era. This game takes you back to 1947 and will be an officer in the LA Police Department. A. Noire game is in action and drama genre. As you are in the Police department there will be cases to be solved.

In the game, there are objectives which should be complete. The plot element is very interesting. It is similar to the game “Life Is Strange”, it has a third-person perspective which creates excitement. Talking about Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3, LA. Noire is the best and first alternative which you must try.

Best Games Like Life Is Strange 2019

2. To the moon

Another best games like Life is Strange 2019. This game is developed by Freebird Games, it is an interactive action, adventure, and RPG video game which should be played. The characters of the game are Dr. Watts, Dr. Rosalind, and Johnny.

To The Moon, the game has something to do with Artificial memories. As a player, you can jump from one memory to another memory. In each memory, you need to collect things. It is important to solve puzzles which will help to leap towards Johnny’s childhood.

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3. Syberia 2

Syberia 2 is a must try a game. In the name itself, you see it is a sequel game from the previous name with the same title Syberia. In this sequel Game, there are more characters as compared to the first one. And the visual system of the game is also improved a lot which makes you love to play it. If you didn’t play the first game then also it is okay. Again here, third-perspective is brought and it looks like the game ‘life is strange’.

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