Best Free Proxy Server List 2020

Best Free Proxy Server List 2020 (Free Proxy Sites)

The best free server is always needed by anyone who wants to surf the internet. And the proxy server is also known as a web proxy and it has excellent ability to mask your identity while browsing the Internet. This type of server allows you to go on Incognito mode. This web proxy can hide your identity by tunneling the data through their global servers and can change your IP address. Proxy Server brings better privacy and is sought frequently by many Internet Users.

Best Free Proxy Server List 2020

The best thing about a Proxy server is it has the ability to allow clients to access blocked websites. You want to access some websites but can’t open it because there is country restrictions or other reasons, then you need to do is take the help of Proxy Server. This will help you access all the blocked website by showing your real IP address and replace it with their IP address. Most of the time it is used and this is why the server is commonly used.

Best Free Proxy Server List 2020 (Free Proxy Sites)

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The Commonly-Used Free Proxy Server 2020

There are so many proxy servers which can be used for free. It provides a fake IP Address so it is difficult for anyone to track you when you are online. And the server also allows you to shield yourself from trackers and the hackers who try to get information data and browser history. So, check out the best and most commonly used free proxy servers for free in 2020.

1. HideMyAss

HideMyAss is also known as HMS and is one of the most famous proxy servers in the whole world. HMS has a specialty in accessing blocked or restricted websites. Apart from that, this server can also conceal the client’s original IP address so well. Most of them love to use HMS as it can block all the unwanted Ads also. Pop-up ads will also not enter the client’s online traffic and making the browsing experience more pleasing.

HMS server is very flexible, fast, and easy to use. It is also available as Google Chrome Extension, so you can use it from the browser only.

2. 4everproxy

You want to use incognito mode on the internet because you want to watch YouTube Videos, or other videos without knowing anyone. And for this you need 4everproxy. This 4everproxy is built for video watchers.  The 4everproxy server gives you free access to YouTube and other video-based websites. It can unlock YouTube videos also. With this server, you can watch anything you want on that site without leaving any Sign, and you don’t need to Sign In.

Best Free Proxy Server List 2020 (Free Proxy Sites)

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3. AnonyMouse

AnonyMouse is the old websites which provide Proxy. It is a browser-based proxy which you can use effortlessly. The user interface is very easy to use. Using the site is also very simple like typing the Web Address you want to access in the address bar.

AnonyMouse has a free version as well as the Paid version. In the free version, you won’t get all the features as you get in the paid version.

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