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Best Free Music Download Sites 2019 for Android & MAC

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Most of us love to listen to songs which are based on their personal preference. There are different types of music like Pop, rock, metal, jazz, soul, blues, and hip-hop. Each category has its own fans in the world. To listen to music, you can download it or can play it online on your device. You can also visit some of the best free music download sites 2019 to get the best music. Let us see the best Free Music download sites 2019.

Best Free Music Download Sites 2019

The music download sites is not a new thing. On the internet, you can listen to music. In olden days, you need to download the file then play it directly on your device. But now, the download process is still the same but some differences are added.

Best Free Music Download Sites 2019

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For example, Music is DRM content where only limited devices have access to play. You can download, but the player is on their website. All the content will be in your storage to play offline at a limited period.

Recommendations of the Best Music Download Sites 2019

1. Purevolume

In Purevolume, you can look for free music. On this website, you will get different types of genre and artist from a professional label. You can go to the search section and type what song or artist you want to find. There are lots of tracks available, but it is still limited to legally download content. The indie labels share their music without charge or completely free. Some of the popular names might be available, although they are non-complete tracks. But still, you can enjoy great music from Purevolume website.

2. Jamendo

On Jamendo website also you will get interesting contents. Jamendo website is for those users who want to get a different experience in the music world. Most of the composers, artists, and songwriters allow the users to download the songs freely. All the contents are protected by using the Creative Common license. This means you can legally download and share it with others. This website also has a radio station and a playlist.

Best Free Music Download Sites 2019

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3. Soundclick

Soundclick is the best site to get free music. There are lots of music from many artists from a different background. All of them are signed, unsigned, independent, indie label, even amateur songwriters. Having signed in a label does not mean the artists have good quality. Many Indie and amateurs are the top music producers and artists because of their unique and excellent skill. This is why you must use SoundClick. You can get free music. The website also has a paid version with more features.

4. Amazon music

Amazon is at the top in the list of the digital era as a retail and a market place. You will get many products, books, digital contents, and music. The interesting thing about Amazon Music is mp3 files. In this service, music consists of two categories paid and free ones. The users who Pay money will get all the features legally.

Amazon also provides lots of free Mp3 files from different music backgrounds. You can find compilation, collection and the best albums on this site.

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