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Best Free Image Hosting Sites 2020 Make a Website

If you take photos and selfies daily, then finding the best free image hosting sites 2020 is important. If you keep all your photos on your phone, then soon your storage will be full and it will slow down the performance. This is why you must get another storage option to keep all the images safe. Using image hosting websites is the best solution to this problem. All these websites allow you to keep the images and make them ready 24/7 in case you want to upload and share them on social media or share them online somewhere. So, let us see the best free image hosting sites 2020. 

Best Free Image Hosting Sites 2020

Being active on social media is common nowadays, people consider to take the help of image hosting websites. TRansferring photos and selfies from the smartphone to hosting website gives you lots of benefits, including the storage burden of a phone will be less and get full access to all photos for free.

Best Free Image Hosting Sites 2020

There are so many hosting sites which can be used to save photos. Given below are the few options of them. All of these are used by lots of people to keep their photos for free.

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The Best Free Image Hosting Sites 2020 from Google and Microsoft

When it comes to hosting websites or anything related to the internet and technology, the first thought comes to our mind is Google and Microsoft. They are the giants of internet innovation, computer software, and advanced technology.

Google and Microsoft have free image hosting websites. They have an excellent website as an image hosting which can be used for free. Check out some of the best products of Google and Microsoft related to the best free image hosting sites 2020.

1. Google Photos

If you use apps created by Google and you love Google service, then the perfect image hosting website or an app is the Google Photos. This website is also available in the form of an Android App. If you have an Android smartphone, Google Photos is the best app you will get on your phone from starting.

Google Photos is an image hosting website which is easy to use. You can synchronize the camera with Google Photos, so all the pictures will automatically be transferred and backup on the image hosting website.

Best Free Image Hosting Sites 2020

If you want a website to safely keep your photos, then Google Photos is the best one. It is free of cost.

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2. Google Drive

If you want to store your photos and other documents together, then Google Drive is the one. On Google Drive, you can save your photos and also other documents. And it is not dedicated as image hosting website. But it has a great function as an image storage site. You can easily get access to your photos while you want to share, upload or print them. Google Drive is similar to Google Photos, except for one thing, on the drive you can save other types of the file also.

3. OneDrive

Microsft is the king of computer software.OneDrive is the image storage site which is completely free of cost and allows everyone to try the service with ease.

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