How to fix iPhone Not Connecting to iTunes

How to fix iPhone Not Connecting to iTunes 2020 Latest Update

iTunes is a very popular media player program which is normally used for downloading, playing, saving, organizing files in your iOS device. iTunes is also used in iPhone devices, PC, MacOS. It also helps you to take a backup, manage, and sync data on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod. If you are facing some problem while using iTunes on the iPhone, then you need to fix it to prevent errors. Let us check out how to fix the iPhone not connecting to iTunes 2020?

How to fix iPhone Not Connecting to iTunes 2020

How to fix iPhone Not Connecting to iTunes 2020

iPhone is having a problem while connecting to iTunes then there can be many reasons. If every time you find this problem then you won’t be able to access the device.

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How to fix iPhone not connecting to iTunes?

iTunes is a powerful tool which is fully recommended by Apple to manage and sync the data of iPhone. Most people use iTunes regularly whenever they want to sync files from their device to the computer. Sometime, you might get a problem when you find iPhone is not connecting to iTunes. If you are having the same problem then fix it by following steps. There are different reasons to get this error but fix this problem.

How to fix iPhone Not Connecting to iTunes 2020

When you get this error then you have to check your lighting cords as well as your iPhone lighting port and other ports. The cable might be damaged, so you can’t connect the phone to iTunes. This one is the first solution that your Cable or USB port might be damaged How to fix iPhone Not Connecting.

  • The users iPhone 6 or earlier iOS version, should try to press then Hold Sleep with Home buttons at once for ten seconds until the Logo of Apple comes up to the screen.
  • If you are having iPhone 7 then press and hold Sleep button with Volume Down buttons together for ten seconds until the logo of Apple comes on the phone screen.

How to fix iPhone Not Connecting

If the restart method does not work on iPhone then try to reinstall the iOS. Keep in mind to install the latest version of iTunes on PC to complete your work. As this process can also erase all your data on the phone. This is why you need to back up the phone data before trying this method.

  • Use the USB cable and try to connect your iPhone to PC and make a connection between PC and iPhone. Then put your iPhone in recovery mode. Likewise, you will see a message saying there is a problem inside the device which should be restored or updated.
  • Click on the “Update” button off to start the reinstalling process. In this method, you don’t need to worry about your data.  Do not hit the restore button as it won’t install the operating system.

If your PC is running the older version of iTunes, then your phone might not be recognized. And If the PC is Mac, then try to open the App Store and click on Update” button. If the update for iTunes is available, click right on “Update” button then. You will never see the button of Update if your iTunes is already advanced.

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