Download Cisco Packet Tracer 7.1 Free

Download Cisco Packet Tracer 7.1 Free (Direct Download Links)

Designing a computer or data networks is not an easy job, especially if the networks are complicated and wide. The hardware needs such a task, and its total cost can be very high. For all those students who are in the stage of practicing that skill, the job is impossible to do because of the limited resources. For all this problem let us learn How to download Cisco Packet Tracer 7.1 Free.

Download Cisco Packet Tracer 7.1 Free

There are few programs developed to help such tasks. From them, one is Packet Tracer. In this article, you will learn How to download Cisco Packet Traver 7.1 free. All the students will find this very helpful. Before we start, first let us see What is Packet Tracer? What does it do to solve the problem in learning network design? Packet Tracer software is a visual simulation aid which works in multi-platforms. The users are able to develop network topologies and emulate modern data network.

Download Cisco Packet Tracer 7.1 Free (Direct Download Links)

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All users are allowed to create networks with unlimited devices and conduct troubleshooting. This software is very important because it can help how the networks will operate in a real situation. This software can be an educational one. The students will learn the basics of the network design through this software.

Features and Limitations of Download Cisco Packet Tracer 7.1 Free

The programming students will accept that theoretical knowledge is not sufficient in helping them design the data networks. You also need Practical skill. Unfortunately, the cost is too high because many elements are needed to build the data network.

But you can download the Cisco Packet Tracer 7.1 for free. This software helps the students visually emulating data network design. Check out some features that you can find in this software.

1. Wireless LAN Controller 2504

It enables the administrator to control and configure its networks of scale (small, moderate, and Big) in a simple approach. Wireless LAN Controller helps in making the task easy, especially if the network system is managed particularly large. There are a few capabilities this tool has.

  • It has the Dynamic interface which enables the user to communicate with many VLANs.
  • There are multiple SSID which is accompanied by WLAN to VLAN mapping.
  • Has the internal DHCP server that offers network parameters to clients
  • DHCP Proxy to accommodate clients requests to DHCP server

2. Aironet Light Weight Access Point 3702i

The Light Weight access point works together with a wireless LAN controller to increase time efficiency while monitoring, setting up and troubleshooting a big network system. It can manage multiple wireless access points at a time. The Administrator can analyze the networks deeply while using this tool. The 7.1 version supports the following functions.

  • DHCP Clients.
  • Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Supply once the switch is ON.
  • When PoE doesn’t work, the local power supply will take over.
  • Manual IP address configuration
  • The Automated provisioning using option 150 of DHCP.

Download Cisco Packet Tracer 7.1 Free (Direct Download Links)

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3. MQTT Messaging for IoT Appliances

MQTT Messaging protocol comes with download Cisco Packet Tracer 7.1 free enables the client to send and get a message. It is developed for appliances which are located in rural places which have low bandwidth. And because of that, the message transporting system is very lightweight. MQTT protocol is mostly used in smartphones also because of its characteristics. The benefits of using this protocol are varied.

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