Cancel Amazon Prime Membership

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership 2020 and Get Refund

Amazon is a website where we get almost everything. It is at the top place in the market and online retailer in the whole world. Additionally, Amazon operates in many fields with different contents that consist of goods, electronics, fashion, digital product, service and streaming online. To attract more users, Amazon brought Prime Membership with few benefits. The trial section is also available in Prime Membership then you can subscribe it for monthly or annually.  Some of them might want to cancel the membership. So, now let us learn how to cancel the Amazon Prime membership 2020? 

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership 2020

The Prime Subscription is different from the regular Amazon Account. All the users should pay some money to get more services. Do you want to join this membership? The Prime account will give an option to get shipping service without charge. It is helpful for the buyers as it reduces the fee. You can receive what you bought on the same day if the seller is in the same city or nearby. This is the only benefit you get from Prime membership.

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership 2020?

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The Steps to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership

Follow the steps to cancel Amazon Prime Membership. Amazon gives you a free trial for 30 days to all the new users. One account gets only one chance to get a free trial. Even if you are in a trial session, canceling is possible. Follow the steps.

1. Amazon account

First, you need to log in or Sign in into Amazon account. You need email and password for that. You can do it in browser mode in a laptop or smartphone. Amazon also has a mobile app for a smartphone where the prime is an integrated part. Once you sign in to Amazon account, look for Prime Account. It will come at the top right side. Depends on the interface you have on the screen. A Prime button is very clear that you will find easily.

If you don’t have an Amazon account, the registration process is simple. Just go to the top menu and find the registration link. Select it and fill in the registration form. For mobile, users can synchronize to email or phone number directly.

You must create a strong password for security purpose. Then start to enjoy Prime via the trial version.

2. Cancel trial or do not continue

The next step select Cancellation button or link. You will see two options there one is canceled and a second is do not continue. From these two each option will stop or cancel the further subscription. Cancel means your free trial is not there anymore.

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The option “Do Not Continue” means you are still there in a trial session. But Amazon will not charge after 30 days are over. Here you must enjoy the other members before everything is not accessible. This one is a common choice if you want to cancel Amazon Prime Membership during the trial session. As we all know the trial session is only for the new member. And the Prime Membership is not a new program. For all those users who want to cancel the subscription, there are some steps which might be similar but few things will need to check.

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