Best Place to Donate Car to Charity

Best Place to Donate Car to Charity 2019 Car Donation Charities

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Want to donate a car to Charity? Looking for the best Place to donate a car? It is important to find the best place to donate a car. Having an old car in your garage for years is disturbing. If you are not using the car for a long time and you still need to pay its tax, it is better to donate it. Maybe you have a thought to sell the car. As it is an old car, you may find it difficult to sell it. So, you can make the car useful by giving it to charity. You don’t need to pay for the tax as the car will be useful for those who are in needs. Let us see the Best Place to Donate Car to charity.

Best Place to Donate Car to Charity 2019

Giving the car in a charity is a great idea to help poor people. There are so many organizations and charity campaigns which will happily take your car. They sell the car those in needs with a low and affordable price. Many times, they also give the car away for free to communities in need. If you want to get rid of the old car which is in your garage, then the charity option is the best. With this you can make other people happy.

Best Place to Donate Car to Charity

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The Best Place to Donate Car to Charity- Car Donation Charities

Giving away the car to charity is the best option to get rid of your old car. The only thing you need to do is choose the best place to donate the car. There are many organizations and charity services which helps you to deal with this. It is very important to choose the right place as you don’t need your car to end up in the wrong place.

You must know well about the organization where you donate the car. It will be risky if you pick a random place. Maybe your car is going to be smuggled and sold at a high price illegally. This is the reason, why you need to choose the best place for donation. Check out the list of the best place to donate car to charity 2019.

1. One Car, One Difference

This program offers a donation campaign which is famous in many states. The program has a goal of raising public awareness about car donation. The program was fixed and run by Donation Division of Insurance Auto Auctions.

If you give your car through this program, it can give to organizations in the USA, including the Red Cross and Boy Scouts. Moreover, most of the card which is donated in this program are sold cheaply to organizations in need. It is sold 70% cheaper as compared to the normal price.

Best Place to Donate Car to Charity

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2. The National Kidney Foundation Car Program

All the donated cards can be given to the National Kidney Foundation. It has a car program which has been around over 30 years. This program takes the unused cars from their owner and raises money from the cars. The cars which are donated to this best place are auctioned or sold to get the money. All that money is used to fund research about Kidney and helps those people who are suffering from Kidney Failure.

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