Best Free Web Hosting Sites 2019 for Small Business

Best Free Web Hosting Sites 2019 for Small Business

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In website development, Web Hosting is very important. All the internet user can access the website because it is sorted in a web hosting. There are many providers who offer free service without any charge. The offer is on space, bandwidth, domain, email, database, and server. Now, let us see the best free Web Hosting sites 2019.

Best Free Web Hosting Sites 2019

Before we get into details, first you need to understand that free hosting has pros and cons. It is genuine for the personal website just for a hobby. For business and professional thing, free hosting is not a good start as it is related to credential and credibility. Most of the people like something free and they get these things from the given list.

List of the Best Free Web Hosting Sites 2019

Free Web Hosting Sites

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1. WordPress

While discussing the free web hosting, WordPress is the first choice. WordPress is a web hosting because the users have the features to host their website for free. More than 30% of websites use the WordPress platform. When it was released, the developer wants to provide a simple way in website making. You just need to register and then built the website without worrying about the coding. This platform is called a blog and it turns into CMS. Each and every Web hosting accepts WordPress to their system. You can modify the website domain while you use the free hosting service.

The developer of WordPress provides 3GB storage and bandwidth 3GB. For a personal website, the amount is enough because the majority of content is text and article, with few photos. The Bandwidth means the data which the website uses for sending and receiving the request from the users. If Bandwidth is no longer capable to support website then WordPress offers different plans with affordable price. So, this is why WordPress is in the top list of Best free web hosting sites.

2. Wix

There are two purposes of Wix, one is Website builder and other is hosting. The free users can develop their own website using drag and drop methods. It is a valid platform for creating a website. You don’t need to worry about coding, HTML, CSS, PHP, etc. The users need to focus to put tool, widget, or anything which suit the website.

For Hosting, the Wix site offers free service with limited features. For storage and bandwidth, you get 500MB. It also includes email and subdomain. The Wix subdomain will be attached to your own domain.

Free Web Hosting Sites

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3. Bluehost

Bluehost is a well-known hosting service with many users and clients. Apart from the paid plan, you also need to have access to Bluehost service without any charge. Normally, Bluehost provides limited space and bandwidth. You need to buy a domain on your own. Remember, this free mode is a trial to give experience to the users before they buy a full plan.

4. Hostgator

Hostgator also offers free hosting to all the new users. After registration, you can use this service. As a web hosting, the provider gives the option to choose a platform which the user has. However, WordPress and Joomla are the top choices as the majority website incorporates their system to CMS.

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