Best Free Small Business Accounting Software

Best Free Small Business Accounting Software 2019 Download Now

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Business and finance are mixed up things because they are related to each other. In business, you need to manage the financing aspect, like income, revenue, profit, loss, cost, etc. And this is where accounting software plays an important role. In this new era, it brings more computerized and digital platforms in the business industry. On the other side, company, family, and freelancers also need this type of software. But the big and advanced one is expensive. To serve the needs in this area, you can rely on the best Free Small Business Accounting software 2019.

Best Free Small Business Accounting Software 2019

In simple words, Accounting Software is an app to manage money in a particular organization, mostly in business and personal. You get the basic features like tracing, tracking, financial history, cost allocation, and any mathematical calculation which is related to financial.

Best Free Small Business Accounting Software

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The software also handles tax and connects to the server in order to create a backup through cloud computing. This one is for an advanced one, but you can store the data on your computer. Let us see the best free small business accounting software in 2019.

Top Options of the Best Free Small Business Accounting Software 2019

You don’t need to spend a huge amount of money just to get the software. The best software is not about the price, even money will guarantee the feature and support. The most important thing is the compatibility between the software performance.

1. Gnucash

GnuCash is the top software. It is an open source software dedicated to personal and small business. Yes, you don’t need to pay anything because it is free to install. Earlier, this software was only available for Linux. But now, you can install it on different platforms like Linux, OSX, and windows. This software can handle invoicing, account received and payable, manage employee wage, and revenue management. You can create a report to know information with one simple click. This is why Gnucash always becomes the preferred choice for many small businesses to handle the accounting aspect.

2. Turbocash

For a small business, Simple bookkeeping might not be enough. So, you need more advanced features to handle complex activities. To fulfill such things, Turbocash is a good option to try. It is free software which is around since the 1980s. As the developer has developed this software to handle small business transaction equal to a big one. Turbocash is very popular in Canada, America, and Europe.

The Turbocash manages the creditor and debtor, VAT, Taxes, purchase order, and multiple companies. Moreover, you can create more accounts for a few users to access and send the data. There are 23 language options and this is the real deal for small business because it is free to install it.

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3. Money Manager Ex

From Money Manager Ex, you get simple and reliable. This one is also an open source software for small business, sole trader, freelancer, and a home office. The features are basic accounting task, record and history, backup and report, and a managed order. All these things you get from Money Manager Ex.

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