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Best Free Project Management Software 2019 For Startup

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The Project Management software is very useful if your business firm is less than five people and under minimum budget. It enables you to work all the activities on premium features. The best thing about it is, it is free of charge. There is an alternative for getting the software, which is a paid project management software with a free feature. It is called a freemium application and it offers simple and easy access for your team. Moreover, if you need more features for your work, you need to upgrade it to a paid version. Here, in this article, you will find the best free project management software 2019. Many of them are very easy to upgrade and comes with a low budget.

The Best Free Project Management Software 2019

Best Free Project Management Software 2019

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Before we get into details, there is some type of free project management software which is available. They are the free task management software, free project management software and open source project management software. Normally, they have similar features for the basic business activities like managing the task, distributing the tasks to the team, giving Gantt charts, scheduling, planning, and the other Agile supports. This software is easy to customize, comprehensive, and accurate.

The Best Free Project Management Software with Benefits and Drawbacks

1. Hygger

It is said as complete Agile support and the best free project management software 2019, which supports portfolio management. You can also use the Scrum boards. Hygger was found in 2017 and it has got 5 stars. This app works on iOS and Android. There are lots of benefits of the app. It handles multiple projects at once without lagging. The users can run and work on multiple projects based on the specific field. And it also provides flexible layouts.

Kanban boards support it and also the backlogs, road maps, swim lines, and burndowns. In this Hygger app you can use all of them for free to five users.

Best Free Project Management Software 2019

2. Clubhouse

This is the best free project management software in 2019. It is the right choice for a Software project team. A clubhouse is lighter than others and brings scaled-back support which is not enough for each project. It is the highest Scrum tool with a worth look. But the problem is that this app is only for iOS. Its Specificity is the best benefits. It helps all aspects of project management. The design is for the team which has Scrum to handle the software projects. You can mark the history, usher, and the plot epics through a Kanban board design with the automatic setting updates.

In this, the data is also safe due to the encrypted backups in every ten minutes to AWS and Amazon S3. It is supported by SSL login and https. But unluckily, Clubhouse only facilitates three users for the free version. If there are more than three, then it will cost $8.50 per user in a month. The other loss is there is no storage option which can be integrated with other tools.

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