American Express Card Number Format

American Express Card Number Format 2020 Amex Card Number

American Express Card Number Format 2020

American Express card is one of the most widely used credit cards in the United States. It has all the features and benefits of the credit cards issued by the banks and other financial institutions. To get information about the American Express card format, we need to know about the usage and benefits of credit card legally issued for the users.

A credit card is a company issued a card that can be used to make any kind of purchase from any stores that may be online or in-stores. Generally, credit card contains the balance which is taken from a bank as a loan and after the usage, the amount should be repaid to the banks with certain a specified interest rate. Due to its lengthy process and a lot of paper works, it is often used by the rich people of the United States. Since a couple of decades, Amex card or American Express card has been the most popular and widely used credit card in the United States. American Express Test Card Numbers

American Express Card Number Format

Although there are many distinguished types of American Express Card, the basic format is always the same in all types of them. Every American Express card number starts with 34 and 37 similar to that of Visa card and Mastercard format with 4 and 5 numbers respectively.  The basic format of the Amex card is similar in a gift card, credit cards as well as debit cards.

American Express Card Number Format 2020

Different from all other cards American express card contains only 15 digit card numbers whereas all other card contains 16 digit numbers.  The card number consists of 3 blocks with 4, 6 and 5 digits respectively. The design format of the Amex card follows the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) protocol and each block has a certain significance. ANSI works on the allocation of the INN to the card network all over America.

The first block is divided into two parts with issuer number and type respectively. The second block and the first digit of the third block resemble the account number whereas the last block contains the card numbers as well as check digits.

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What is American Express Card Security Number?

The security code of Amex card is one of the essential parts without which no transactions or purchases cannot happen. American Express card contains 4 digit security code different from the MasterCard and Visa card that possess only 3 digit security codes

The card contains the name of the cardholder as well as the details of the record id as per the card issuer database. Below the card identification number, there is an expiration date in the middle of the card which resembles the term of usage for the Amex card. The format of the expiration date follows mm/yy. Next, to the magnetic stripe, there is a hologram of the American Express card which can be visible only in UV rays. Besides all these details there are many record id as well as cars verification codes which are helpful to get access to the credit card even if it is not physically present with the cardholder.

The account number of Amex card is printed along with the field of signature which is one of the uniqueness different from all other cards.

Benefits of Knowing the American Express card number format

Before the utilization of Amex card is real-time applications, the details, and functions regarding each and every signs should be known to the cardholder. Security codes and expiry dates are beneficial in getting access to the card even if it is not physically present. The second level security codes can be used in case of virtual Amex card for online shopping as well as bill payments instantly. Moreover, the account number, as well as the card number, can be used for checking the remaining balance of the Amex card.

How to make payments using American Express Card?

American Express Card Number Format 2020

After knowing all the details of the American Express card, you can proceed for the payment process in online or else in subscriptions or bill payments.

  • If you are going to attempt for online shopping or else bill payment in hotels with physical Amex card, then you can go for a swipe. A simple swipe of Amex card in the device can get access to the account and the input of security codes can make the transaction instantly. All you need to do is check the amount entered by the retailer.
  • Online transactions require the card number as well as the expiry date and CVV to make any kind of transaction from a physical American Express credit card. Just enter the details and click on the pay button. Then after which you will receive an OTP and the transaction will be done.
  • Virtual cards come with the card number and two security codes that should be entered in online stores or else presented to the retailer for making any transactions.
  • Keep an eye on the expiry date as well as on the remaining balance by going through monthly statement bills.
  • Make sure to match the number provided in the sales receipt with the number embossed in your card. Also, try to match the name as well as all other details to make a successful payment instantly from the Amex card.
  • Some store asks for the signatures so make sure to make the same signature that is on the back panel of the American Express
  • Credit card balance checker must be visited once a week for checking the remaining balance on the card. If excess usage of the balance is done then the interest rates will also gradually increase. And you will have to repay more amount than that of the utilized on

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Amex Card Number

American Express card is a high-end model of the credit cards which has several benefits and moreover additional feature than that of MasterCard or Visa cards.  Security measures and uniqueness are the additional features which make it used widely in the United States. The payment process using Amex is so easy that anyone can attempt for transactions simply.  Even beginners in this mode of payment can learn the way easily when compared to that of other cards with complicated issues.

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