Best Ad Blocker for Android

Best Ad Blocker for Android 2020 (Android Ad Blocker Apps) Updated

Ad blocker is not a new thing because it is around for a long time. In a computer or a Laptop, you can add the extension browser to protect it from the ads. You might see pop-up ads and marketing videos which is always inconvenient when it comes at an excessive amount. It also comes in a smartphone, especially for the Android platform. To come out of this situation, you can rely on the best ad blocker for Android 2020. Let us check out the best Ad Blocker for Android 2020.

Best Ad Blocker for Android 2020

Ad Blocker will protect and prevent the users from seeing the ad on a screen. The apps use Ads to gain revenue. If you want an app with no Ads at all, then choose the paid or subscription mode. Then you won’t see any add.

Best Ad Blocker for Android 2020 (Android Ad Blocker Apps)

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List of the Best Ad Blocker for Android 2020

1. Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus app is the best app to block advertisement in an Android device. This app is available for preventing pop-up Ad and browser. This is useful when you want to install a particular app or a game, but don’t like their advertisement. Moreover, it is also capable to keep video which appears as low as possible during gaming. You can browse using its browser easily without worrying about the Ads.

2. Adaway

Adaway is the best ad blocker for Android 2020. It is an open source app for Android users where you can install easily. Because of the nature of the app, you might not find it at a Play Store and installation will be from the APK Mode.

Adaway app is capable to block any advertisement. To do these type of things, the system will direct Ad to localhost. So, you will get a pop-up ad or a video will come on the screen. It is efficient way if you feel annoyed with lots of advertisement.

3. Adguard

Blocking Ads is not enough for Android Smartphone. The devices might have an issue related to online tracking, malware, phishing, excess bandwidth, and loading time.  In this type of case, you must try Adguard. Adguard is the best app to get rid of unwanted advertisement by blocking and directing to a different host.

Best Ad Blocker for Android 2020 (Android Ad Blocker Apps)

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Additionally, the device doesn’t need to take the root process during the installation. For Adguard, any smartphone is compatible. This App has paid and free version. In the Paid version you will get all the advanced features.

4. Adclear

Adclear is another app to protect from Ads. It is similar to Adguard. This app works well in a un-root smartphone. Installing the app is easy by using the APK file which you find from the official website. The app Adclear is free and it does not charge at all. The small file leads to less memory to work when this app is in protection mode. The result is very good and reliable to make sure that any annoying ad will not come anymore.

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